4 Tips to Connect with your Subconscious Mind

Have you ever wondered what exactly subconscious mind is? The subconscious is that part of the mind which operates without our awareness and is packed with enormous wisdom, knowledge and intelligence. We do not have active control over it, though it influences our actions and feelings. Our memory and un-utilized knowledge is also housed within our subconscious.

In our day to day routine, we spend our lives in a logical and rational manner, making it very difficult to access the benefits of our subconscious. It is very important to tap the large potential that our subconscious has to offer. So, is there any way to tap into your subconscious?

Yes! There is. Let us now list 4 steps that reflect how to harness the subconscious power.

1 – Meditation

Meditation is one of the simpler ways to access our subconscious. It helps us dive deeper into our consciousness helping us enter a state of being that is similar to dreaming. Make sure that you are in a peaceful environment with no disturbances, focus and concentrate on your breathing or meditation tool. It will help slow down your brain and help you move into a state of calmness.

2 – Visualization

One can tap into the subconscious mind by visualizing all the details of familiar objects like a family picture or recalling people’s faces. Create detailed visions of these images and gradually move on to visualizing memories or an entire movie. Your visuals should cover all the senses like smell, sound, color and taste. This way you can enter the subconscious mind and train it.

3 – Instinctive Thinking

During decision making process or problem resolution, our subconscious mind starts to talk and decisions are made extremely quickly. Subconscious part of the brain sends these messages on its own to the conscious self and surprisingly these are highly accurate. Intuition is the connecting path between the subconscious and conscious mind and following our instincts helps us connect with our subconscious.

4 – Relaxing

One of the known techniques for harnessing our subconscious is through relaxation. Relaxing is a powerful way for opening and moving deeper within ourselves. Some of the simple techniques of relaxation are cutting off the disturbances and moving to a quieter place, deep breathing and shutting off all the thoughts coming from your subconscious state.

Advantages of Accessing Our Subconscious State

Our subconscious contains powerful stored information, creativity and a vast amount of untapped potential. Some of the benefits of being able to access our subconscious include enhanced learning abilities, positivity, clarity of thoughts, gaining creative abilities, healing abilities and much more.

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